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  • University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana – Ph.D. (Family and Consumption Economics), 1991
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville-M.A. (Economics), 1980
  • UniversityofArkansas,Fayetteville-M.P.A. (Public Administration), 1980
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville-B.A. (Political Science), 1977


  • Ph.D. Thesis - "Choice of Inputs into Long-term Care for the Elderly." Major Professor: J. L. Hafstrom.
  • M.P.A. Internship Paper - "Development of Personnel Policies for West Helena, Arkansas." Major Professor: H. T. Henry.


  • 2013-Date
    • Seoul National University
    • Professor in Department of Consumer Sciences
  • 1998-2013
    • Ohio StateUniversity
    • Program Director for Family Financial Services and Instructor in Lima
    • Acting Director of Computer Applications Center (Department of Consumer Sciences) in Columbus
  • 1994-1998
    • University of Maryland – University College
    • Graduate Faculty - European Division
  • 1991-1993
    • University of Utah
    • Visiting Assistant Professor in Family and Consumer Economics
  • 1985-1991
    • Purdue University
    • Instructor and Assistant Professor in Family and Consumer Economics
    • (On leave July 1988 - August 1989)
  • 1983-1985
    • University of Illinois
    • Teaching and Research Assistant in Family and Consumption Economics
  • 1980-1983
    • University of North Alabama
    • Instructor in Economics and Finance


[Courses Taught at Seoul National University]

  • - Family Economy and Household Production
  • - Topics in Consumption Society Theories *
  • - Advanced Seminar in Consumer Sciences *
  • - Analysis of Current Consumer Issues
  • - Consumer Financial Planning
  • - Analysis of Market Environment
  • - Problems of Special Groups of Consumers *
  • - Understanding Consumer Psychology
  • - Topics in Consumer and Global Market *
  • - Studies in Elderly Consumers *

[Courses Taught at Ohio State University]

  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Money and Banking
  • The Consumer Perspective
  • Consumer Service and Satisfaction
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • Consumer Problems
  • Family Financial Management I
  • Family Financial Management II
  • Family Financial Management III
  • Families in Business
  • Professional Development in Family Resource Management
  • Quantitative Methods in Consumer Sciences
  • Solutions to Consumer Problems
  • Experimental Service Learning Course (Working with low and moderate-income, first time homebuyers)

[Additional Courses Taught at Other Universities]

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Business Finance
  • Contemporary Economic Problems
  • Personal Finance
  • Family Economic Resources
  • Consumer Protection
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Securities Analysis
  • Seminar in Consumer Economics Research *
  • Analytic Tools in Consumption Economics *
  • Consumer Law *
  • The Older Adult Consumer *
  • Quantitative Methods *
  • Statistical Decision Making *
  • Intergovernmental Relations *
  • Introduction of Public Administration *
  • Comparative Public Administration *
  • Public Finance *
  • Public Policy Analysis *
  • Managerial Economics *
  • Economics for Administrative Management *
  • * Graduate level classes

[Web Sites Developed, Maintained, or Assisted]

  • Informational site for Family Financial Services program at Ohio State University - Lima
  • Http://
  • Informational site for Kids' College 2008
  • Course materials and site for Professional Development course at OhioState(FRM595)


[Grants and Funded Research]

  • College of Human Ecology Faculty Grant (2015).
  • Seoul National University New Faculty Grant (2014).
  • Seoul National University Foreign Faculty Grant (2014).
  • The Service-Learning Initiative (2003), Grant to incorporate service learning component into Personal Finance course. $4000 for elopment costs.
  • TELR Grant (2001), Grant for materials and salaries to develop multimedia case studies for personal finance. $950 for project costs.
  • President's Council for Outreach and Engagement (July 2000)
  • Building a collaborative community learning project. $4,400 for development costs. (with Richard Dempsey, Douglas Lance, Violet Meek, and Lynn Sametz)
  • TELR Grant (May 1999), Grant for software and hardware required to develop on-line course at Ohio State University. $650 for project costs.
  • AARP Public Policy Institute (August 1992), Contract for study of consumer information needs. $20,000 for project costs. (with Robert Mayer)
  • Indiana Crossroads Program (August 1990), Study of consumer preference in auto insurance. $1,600 for project costs. (with Richard Widdows)
  • Midwest Universities Consortium on International Activities/Institute Technology MARA Program in Malaysia(August1988-July1989),Teachingeconomics. $49,026 for salary replacement and administrative costs.
  • International Research and Exchanges Board Grant (January-May 1988), Sponsored visiting scholar from the Soviet Union. $8,135 for salary, supplies, and administrative costs.
  • Kraft Faculty Fellowship (May-July 1987), Conducted cost/benefit analysis of consumer 800 numbers. Summer salary replacement.
  • Part of Hayes-Fulbright Sponsored Project to Antigua(May-July1984), ConductedresearchonfamilylifeandhouseholdstructureinAntigua,W.I.(withUniversityofIllinoisfaculty)


Teacher of the Year at OSU - Lima – 2007

Professional Associations

  • Member, American Council on Consumer Interests
  • Member, American Economics Association
  • Member, Midwest Economics Association
  • Affiliate Member, National Association of Personal Financial


[Journal Articles]

  • J. Brady and D. Ko (2015) “A Study of Film Attendance and Its Role in Image Formation and Interest in Visiting a Location: The Case of South Korea and Ireland” JournalofTravel&TourismMarketing(underreview)
  • J. Brady, B. Lee, and J. Rha (2015) “A Preliminary Examination of Information and Communications Technology and Family Processes: The Case of Korea and the United States” InternationalJournalofHumanEcology(underreview)
  • J. Brady and B. O’Neill (2013) “Financial Planning Education in the United States: A Survey of Degree Programs and Cooperative Extension Initiatives” FinancialPlanningReview6(1),99-116.
  • J. Brady (2013) “School Funding and the Aging Population: An Examination of the Role of Migration and Aging in Place” FinancialPlanningReview6(1),83-96.
  • J. Brady (2012) “Health Risk Perceptions Across Time in the United States” JournalofRiskResearch. 15(6),547-564.
  • J. Brady, P. Li, and D. Brown (2009) “Consumer Perception of Food-Borne Illness Risks Before and After the 2006 E. Coli 0157:H7 Events” FamilyandConsumerSciencesResearchJournal. 37(4)
  • J. Brady and P. Brady (2003) "Consumers' Attitudes to Genetically Modified Foods" JournalofFamilyandConsumerSciences,95(4),12-18.
  • D. Burns and J. Brady (1996) "Retail Ethics as Appraised by Future Business Personnel in Malaysia and the United States" JournalofConsumerAffairs,30,195-217.
  • D. Burns and J. Brady (1993) "Challenges in International Retailing: Comparison of Policy Preferences of Future Business Personnel" InternationalJournalofCommerceandManagement,3,89-105.
  • D. Burns and J. Brady (1992) "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Need for Uniqueness in Malaysia and the United States" JournalofSocialPsychology,132,487-496.
  • J. Brady and R. Widdows (1988) "Impact of World Events on Travel to Europe" JournalofTravelResearch,26,8-10.

[Published Proceedings]

  • J. Brady, D. Burns, J. Lanasa, and C. Lackman (1995), "Ethical Perceptions in a Developing Nation: The Case of Muslim Malays " Marketing:FoundationsforaChangingWorld. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Southern Marketing Association,354-357.
  • J. Brady (1992), "What Business Consumer Affairs Professionals Want in Graduates" AmericanCouncilonConsumerInterests:Proceedingsof38thAnnualConference,81-82.
  • L. Westgate, J. Brady, and R. Widdows (1992), "Consumer Satisfaction with Auto Insurance: The Differences Between Tort and No-Fault" AmericanCouncilonConsumerInterests:Proceedingsof38thAnnualConference,33-37.
  • J. Brady (1992), "The Demand for In-Office Physician Services by the Elderly" PapersandProceedingsoftheMidsouthAcademyofEconomicsandFinance,19,79-87.
  • L. Westgate, J. Brady, and R. Widdows (1991), "Consumers' Attitudes Toward Auto Insurance: Differences Between Tort versus No-Fault" PapersandProceedingsoftheMidsouthAcademyofEconomicsandFinance,18,573-580.
  • R. Feinberg, J. Brady, R. Widdows, and P. Smith (1988), "The 800 Number and the Retailer: Friend or Foe" Retailing:ItsPresentandFuture. Joint meeting of the Academy of Marketing Science and American Collegiate Retailing Association,4,67-69.
  • J. Brady and M. Paynter (1986), "Descriptive Characteristics of Consumer Units in the UnitedStates" AmericanCouncilonConsumerInterests:Proceedingsof32ndAnnualConference,91.

[Published Abstracts]

  • D. Burns and J. Brady (1991), "Ethical Perceptions of Future Business Personnel: An Intercultural Perspective" AmericanMarketingAssociationWinterEducators'Conference,1991,2,411-412.
  • J. Brady and J. Hafstrom (1987), "The Economic Cost of Long-Term Home Care for the Elderly" ProceedingsoftheAmericanHomeEconomicsAssociationConference,1987.

[Non-Reviewed Publications]

  • J. Brady and F. Williams (1986), "Home Finance and Microcomputers" PurdueAgriculturalComputerConference:ConferenceProceedings,December,21-24.

[Book Review]

  • J. Brady (1992), "Money Troubles" AdvancingtheConsumerInterest,4,29-30.

[Conference Presentations]

  • “Information and Communications Technology and Families” to Asia Regional Association for Home Economics, 2015.
  • “Why Do Consumers Consent to the Use of Their Personal Information Without Paying Enough Attention?” to Asian Consumer and Family Economics Association, 2014.
  • “School Funding and the Aging Population: A Preliminary Examination of the Role of Migration and Aging in Place” to Midwest Economics Association, 2012.
  • "Increasing International Diversity at Ohio’s Regional Campuses: Options and Opportunities" Presentation to AURCO Conference, 2002.
  • "Household Production of Long-Term Care for the Frail Elderly" Presentation to the MidsouthAcademyofEconomicsandFinance,1993.
  • "Sleeping with the Enemy: Developing Curricula in Consumer Affairs in Business" Presentation to the American Council on Consumer Interest Conference, 1992.
  • "Demand for In-Office Physician Services by the Elderly" Presentation to the MidsouthAcademyofEconomics,1992.
  • "The Economic Cost of Long-Term Home Care for the Elderly" Presentation to the American Home Economics Association, 1987.
  • "Consuming Around the World" Panel presentation to the American Counsel on Consumer Interest, 1986.

[Invited Special Presentations]

  • "International Aspects of Women's Rights: An Econometric Approach" Presentation to Women's Week Conference, University of Illinois,1987.
  • "Home Finance with Microcomputers" Presentation to Purdue Agriculture Computer Conference, 1986.
  • "From Free to Fifty and Useful: Inexpensive Software for the Home‑Spreadsheet" Presentation to Purdue Agriculture Computer Conference, 1985.
  • "Microcomputers and Home Finance" Presentation to IllinoisCooperativeExtensionConferenceonComputers,1984.


  • Reviewer for JournalofFamilyandEconomicIssues,2011-2012
  • Reviewer for MedicalDecision-Making,2009
  • Advisory committee for Kids' College project (2005 and 2008)
  • Planning Committee for AURCO conference, 2002
  • Editorial Review Board of AdvancingtheConsumerInterest,1993
  • Session discussant and session chair at various professional meetings
  • Served on school and departmental committees as assigned
  • Served on graduate student committees and comprehensive examination evaluation as assigned
    • Faculty sponsor for student organizations at The Ohio State University at Lima(Student Investment Club), Purdue University (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals) and the University of North Alabama(Economics/Finance Club)
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