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Spring Fall
(Open Every Year)
358.533 Topics in Economic Analysis of Household
358.539 Research Methods in Consumer Science
358.756A Topics in Consumer Science Theory
358.531 Topics in Consumer Behavior

358.540 Topics in Economics of Consumer Policy
358.550A Topics in Consumer Education
Ph.D Basic 358.631 Topics in Culture and Consumption
358.640B Topics in Consumer Trends Analysis
358.739 Topics in Comparative Analysis on Consumer Policy
358.635 Topics in Consumer Information

358.747A Topics in Household Welfare
358.754A Topics in Consumers of Financial Market
Adva-nced 358.546 Topics in Analysis of Market
M1467.000800 Topics in Advertising Regulation for Consumer
358.649 Studies in Consumer Education Program Developments
358.733A Topics in Consumption Society Theories
M1467.000100* Topics in Consumer and Global Market
358.638 Topics in Consumer Laws
358.650 Topics in Consumer Retailing
358.731 Economic Analysis of Korean
Household Behavior
358.738 Problems in Special Groups of
358.748B Topics in Personal Financial
Planning and Consulting
358.752 Topics in Consumer Credit
358.755 Topics in Retirement Planning
New M1467.000200* Seminar in Retail Culture (3 Dept. Collaboration project)
M1467.000300* Topics in Consumer Psychology
(Suspended) Consumer Leadership
M1467.000400* Topics in Consumer Safety Regulation
M1467.000500* Studies in Elderly Consumers
M1467.000600* Studies in Disadvantaged Consumers
M1467.000700* Topics in ICT Market and Consumer
M1467.000900*** Topics in the Readings on Consumer Science Classics
Others 358.530 Advanced Research Methods in Consumer Science 1
358.552 Advanced Seminar in Consumer Science I
358.553 Advanced Seminar in Consumer Science II
358.730 Advanced Research Methods in Consumer Science II
358.740A Topics in Consumerism
358.803 Reading and Research


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