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Students should have been registered for between 6 and 16 semesters, continue their studies in their respective graduating semester without any changes in their registrar, and submit the graduation application within the first quarter of the semester after which they desire to graduate.

Students must earn a minimum total of 130 credits including 42 credits or more of courses in general education, 48 credits(multiple major) or 60 credits(single major) from major courses, and satisfy all the specific requirements of our department. Students must fulfill distributional requirements and complete the relevant mandatory courses in the general education course. Students with a minor must earn 24 credits or more from courses in their minor in addition to 39 credits or more from courses in their major.

Students must score at least 2.0 in their overall GPA and individual GPAs for their major, multiple major, minor major, or combined major course.

Students must have their graduation thesis (including the general examinations or practical presentation, and lab report) approved.

Students must also complete three courses taught in a foreign language. Those courses have to include one major courses.

Graduation Credits Credits for Courses in General Education Credits for Major Courses Double Major Minor major
single major multiple major
130 42(~2018) / 40(2019~) 60 48 39 24


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