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Advanced Research Methods in Consumer Science 1

This advanced class presents regression diagnostics and the econometrics analysis of equations with categorical or truncated dependent variables, simultaneous systems, time-series data, and panel data sets.

Topics in Consumer Behavior

This class introduces an interdisciplinary survey of consumer behavior theories. Students are encouraged to focus on psychological, sociological, and cultural influences on consumer choice and use of products and services.

Topics in Economic Analysis of Household

This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the theories and empirical researchs on household demand. The course will cover consumption & savings, market work, human capital formation, household production, and family formation.

Research Methods in Consumer Science

This course is an overview of various research approaches focusing on testing and generating theory as well as basic statistical concepts, models, and methods for the analysis related to consumer research. Students are encouraged to practice the application of selected statistical methodologies using SAS and SASS under supervision.

Topics in Economics of Consumer Policy

In this class, students wil examine problems and policies accompanying informational failures and other market failures with regard to consumer well-being. Antitrust activity, information disclosure requirements, advertising restrictions, and regulatory agencies are examined in terms of their ability to serve the public interest or to serve special interests.

Topics in Analysis of Market Environment

In this course, microeconomics and marketing theories regarding the industry and profit maximizing firms are applied to analyze and understand the market. This course will emphasize on advanced topics relevant to analysis of the current market mechanism.

Topics in Consumer Education

This course deals with the basis of consumer education and its theories and examination of the concept, history, and contents of consumer education in general. Studies about analysis of consuming situation and education on the basis of the fundamental principles of Consumer Economics and consumer right through education. And develops consumer education programs according to consumer types.

Advanced Seminar in Consumer Science I

In this course, multi-disciplinary theories regarding the consumers, industries and profit maximizing firms are applied to analyze and understand the consumers and market. This course will emphasize on advanced topics relevant to analysis of the current consumers and market mechanism and share the research ideas on consumers and the market.

Advanced Seminar in Consumer ScienceII

In this course, multi-disciplinary theories regarding the consumers, industries and profit maximizing firms are applied to analyze and understand the consumers and market. This course will emphasize on advanced topics relevant to analysis of the current consumers and market mechanism and share the research ideas on consumers and the market.

Topics in Culture and Consumption

This is a course examining interaction consumption and culture. Students are encouraged to analyze consumption behaviors as an cultural aspect.

Topics in Advertising for Consumer

This course offers an opportunity to understand advertising as an important marketing communication role between consumer and company. And reviews of advertising of macro perspectives: effects of advertising on the economy, social, cultural and ethical issues in advertising, and advertising regulation. Especially understanding advertising process and the background theories that will eventually enable student to make precise evaluation for its effects via practical advertising cases and discussing a plan to actualize consumerism in advertising.

Topics in Consumer Information

The topics in this advanced course include economic analysis of consumer information in the marketplace, the effectiveness of public and private sector policies directed toward consumer information deficiencies, and product safety. Students will carry out the analysis and evaluation of consumer performance in the marketplace under conditions of incomplete information using empirical micro-data.

Topics in Consumer Laws

This course provides an analysis of the roles played by both the courts and the governmental regulatory legislation in altering consumer markets, consumer behavior, and consumer welfare. Topics include analysis of contract law, products liability, and accidental law, as well as the activities of government regulatory agencies.

Topics in Consumer Trends Analysis

Trend is a movement that appears in a long and short term of economic fluctuations, trend is changing very rapidly in various areas with a changing market environment This course identifies new directions both consumer attitudes and behavior and in consumer culture, develops techniques for gathering and analyzing the raw data that procedure our insights into consumer market, and identifies strategies for getting “on-trend” and extrapolating a trend’s future direction.

Studies in Consumer Education Program Developments

This course is a practicum in the role of consumer advisors. Individual clients provide opportunities to apply counseling knowledge and techniques. It requires work with clients from different socioeconomic levels.

Topics in Consumer Retailing

Distribution is a place to meet a consumer and provides both the market/demand side and the channel/supply side with market chance and threat. Therefore eventually distribution effects consumer's consumption life. Because distribution is one of the most important factors of marketing mix, we need to understand it from consumers' perspectives. This course provide a chance to get systematic knowledge of distribution and discuss major distribution problems or consumer problems.

Advanced Research Methods in Consumer Science 2

This advanced class offers a variety of qualitative research methods as the means for better understanding a complex social phenomenon. It deals with how data are gathered through participant observation & in-depth interviewing, and then analyzed qualitatively.

Economic Analysis of Korean Household Behavior

This course is a seminar in family economics applied to the economic well-being of Korean households and resulting policy issues, where the economic status of the Korean family is a factor. This course will focus on developing research proposals and analyzing urban households.

Topics in Consumption Society Theories

The Course, "Topics in consumption society Theories" aims to give better understanding on theoretical underpinnings of 'consumption society.' It has become difficulty to promotes the well―being of modern consumers solely by rationalizing individual consumers' rational decisions in the modern consumption society. Rather, it is necessary to understand consumer behavior in the context of societal level. In this regard, the course delves into various theoretical approaches on the consumption society such as Marxist, Semiology, Historical, Cultural, Economical, Feminism, and so on.

Problems in Special Groups of Consumers

This course is an overview of issues and concerns related to consumers with special needs, such as children, women, and elderly consumers. Some topics to be dealt with are the characteristics, expenditure patterns, marketplace behavior, and special economic problems of these groups, and the implications for policy development.

Topics in Comparative Analysis on Consumer Policy

This course is a systematic comparison of consumer policies and programs relating to consumers among various countries. Policies promoting consumer information and protection, as well as service-provision programs, are explored in terms of cost-benefit relationships.

Topics in Consumerism

The history of consumerism is not very long but has various value, perspective, phenomenon and movement according to countries. Consumerism is one of the social movement, it is very important to contribute to growth of consumer's welfare and can be a fundamental basis for a welfare state. The course focuses on history of consumerism development. Understands the meaning of consumerism's present and future situation, studies effects of each consumer, enterpriser, government.

Topics in Household Welfare Policy

In this changing society, to pursuit of household and family member's welfare using the tools economics, this course examine welfare policy affecting on the household, evaluation of proposals for welfare reform, and poverty & affluence. Included are an examination of which populations are affected, what behavior various policies are likely to engender, and how much income redistribution occurs as a result of various welfare policies.

Topics in Personal Financial Planning and Consulting

According to various household income level and life―cycle stages to manage consumer's financial resources very effectively, this course focuses on efficient management of household financial resources over the life―cycle and different household income. Develops the ability of professional in consumer financial planning and counselling by studying economic principle of financial management economic risks and the protection of assets, optimization and maximization of income and retirement planning.

Topics in Consumer Credit

This course provides an intensive analysis of economic, social, and legal aspects of consumer credit, concentrating on issues of public policy. It also covers the management of consumer credit institutions, and issues such as collection procedures and cost & credit analysis.

Topics in Consumers of Financial Market

This course focuses on the financial market and the consumer issues in financial market. To prevent and solve the consumer problems in financial market, theories and strategies will be reviewed. Especially, this course is designed to practice the development of education program and alternatives to solve the consumer issues in financial market.

Topics in Retirement Planning

According to medical science and quality of dietary life has been improving, the average life span can be longer than before and we need a special plan for old age before and after retirement. This course focuses on retirement planning, models and programs can be applied to personal and financial aspects following retirement and develops new models and programs. Also discusses practical techniques and theories of recent elder problems.

Topics in Consumer Science Theory

As various social function are being divided and complicated, problems that consumers confront has gotten complex as well. Therefore, it is needed to identify political solutions to enhance the quality of consumer welfare, by approaching the current and changing consumer science theories over multi-faceted disciplines in order to understand consumer science better. The purpose of this course is to explore the main theories related to comsumer science through studying various consumer science theories.

Reading and Research

This is a course designed to improve the graduate students' masters thesis or doctoral dissertation.

Topics in Consumer and Global Market

This course provides a understanding of consumer behaviors and consumer issues in various global markets and discusses implications to empower and protect consumers in the global market. Topics such as consumer behaviors, retail environments, marketing strategies, and consumer laws and policies in the global market are discussed to understand new consumer issues in the global market.

Seminar in Retail Culture

Retail culture is important to consumers in the sense that retail is the setting where consumers actually face products and services and make their choices. Topics such as introduction to retail environment, stakeholders and their interests sought and retail culture that enable harmonious coexistence of various stakeholders will be discussed.

Topics in Consumer Psychology


This course provides a methodological tools to understand consumers' psychological process and decision making mechanism by studying various theories on consumer psychology.

Topics in Consumer Safety Regulation

To protect the “consumer right to safety” are asserted by consumer advocates but there has been controversy with the claim that much safety regulation infringes on personal freedom of choice and public intervention has been undertaken without adequate analysis of its consequences. In this course, the rationales for public protection from the hazard and risk will be dealt. And by reading many research articles in consumer safety issues in food, consumer products, and services, the general consumer safety rules adapted by various countries will be reviewed with relate to monitoring and warning instruments designed to analyse and prevent risks, and to remedy dangerous situations.

Studies in Elderly Consumers

The elderly population will continue to grow and the their consumption power and market for them are growing fast. The goal of this course is to understand the consumption behaviors of those population and find implications to contribute to elevate the welfare of the elderly population in the new market environments. The topics in this course include characteristics and consumption behaviors of near elderly and elderly population and emerging markets/industries for those population.

Studies in Disadvantaged Consumers

The goal of this course is to provide understanding of the problems of disadvantaged consumers and how to elevate welfare of the disadvantaged consumer groups. In this course, students learn consumer problems of the disadvantaged population in various markets such as financial market, labor market, health market, ICT market, etc. And consumer protection and empowerment issues are discussed.

Topics in ICT Market and Consumer

This course deals with ICT developments and its impacts on consumer behavior and welfare. Topics such as introduction to the nature of ICT market and services, changes in the meaning of consumer behavior in ICT market settings, new ICT consumer issues and possible solutions will be discussed.


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